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New US Dog Import Rules Still Uncertain with Only 3 Weeks to Go

With less than three weeks until the new US dog import requirements take effect on August 1, 2024, the specific details are still being finalized by the government.

The new requirements are still a moving target. For Canadians, this means for instance that the CFIA doesn’t yet know whether a government vet will need to stamp export documents for every dog entering the US from Canada or whether the document only needs to be signed by a family vet. 

Veterinary teams in Canada and other countries are keeping tabs on these developing requirements. If you don’t already have plans to enter the US in early August with your dog, you may wish to hold off a bit until the new process has been worked out and the wrinkles ironed out.

At Dogpacking.com, we’ll keep you updated on these developments. Meanwhile here are two websites you can keep an eye on for this changing information:

US Center for Disease Control – Bringing a Dog into the US

Canadian Food Inspection Agency – Dogs Travelling to the US (After August 1, 2024)

This spring, in an effort to mitigate canine rabies from entering the US, the Center for Disease Control announced that effective August 1, 2024, all dogs visiting, entering or returning to the US must meet additional criteria, including being: at least 6 months of age, ISO-compatible microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and/or titre-tested for rabies antibodies and complete new import paperwork (including a recent doggy photo; I’m not sure if they’re allowed to smile). If you’re new to learning that US dog import changes are coming, here’s our scoop and a summary of the rules (NB the rules listed here and on gov’t sites are subject to change).

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