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USA Proposes New “Healthy Dog Importation Act”

USA proposes an a of requirements to import a dog to the United States. Read the changes that may occur, in an effort to reduce canine disease introduced to the USA.

In February 2024, a bill called the Healthy Dog importation Act was introduced to heighten the existing requirements for importing a dog to the USA. This is an effort to reduce the incidence of both sick dogs and covert canine disease entering the USA.

Such amendments would involve the following, for every dog entering the United States:

  • That the dog has received “all necessary vaccinations” and internal and external parasite control
  • That the dog be examined to be in “good health” and tested to be free of internal and external parasites
  • That the dog be accompanied by a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian accredited by a competent veterinary authority recognized by the Secretary
  • That the health certificate be presented to the USDA
  • That the dog be permanently identified (I.e. microchipped)
  • That a dog imported for the purpose of transfer to another owner (ex: for adoption or donation) meet the above criteria and be at least 6 months of age
  • Import permit fees may occur

The proposed amendments, if the bill is passed, may result in stricter vaccination requirements and for fecal testing to reveal no internal parasites. The above screening won’t catch everything, as some infectious diseases are not detectable on a physical exam.

It would also make it more challenging for foreign dog rescue facilities to send early-adoption puppies to new owners in the USA, as these dogs would need to be at least 6 months of age.

There are some proposed exclusions, including dogs crossing into the USA to obtain specialty or emergency veterinary care, in cases where the most suitable treatment facility is located in the USA.

We will stay posted on any progression of this bill.

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