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John Freeman

Co-Founder and Director

John is a world-class cyclist, ice climber, and mountaineer originally from Peterborough, Ontario, who discovered his true passion in Canmore, Alberta - a mountaineering haven nestled amidst the Rocky Mountains. As a certified Alpine Guide (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) and a consultant specializing in mountain safety and Rope Access (IRATA, SPRAT), John has made significant contributions to the mountain community.

About John

His journey commenced with extensive road and track cycling, followed by a notable period in mountain bike racing. This laid the foundation for his love of bikepacking and, uniquely, dogpacking. Over the past 10 years, John has pedalled through many countries, initially with his canine companion Melan, and now with Mira, his dogpacking partner since the age of three months.

In August 2023, John and Mira set a world record as the first dogpacking team to race and complete the challenging Tour Divide – an arduous 4300km mountain bike race spanning from Banff, Alberta to Antelope Wells, New Mexico.

“John brings unparalleled expertise to Dogpacking.com.”

With an abundance of outdoor skills and dogpacking miles beneath his wheels, John brings unparalleled expertise to Dogpacking.com.

Elevating their adventures to new heights, John and Mira are embarking on a six-year global expedition to explore the most beautiful and remote locations across all seven continents. Equipped with all-weather camping gear, filming equipment, and survival essentials, they are currently undertaking and documenting a one-of-a-kind journey that promises unparalleled experiences, breathtaking landscapes and diverse cultures.

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