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Mira la Perra

Chief Canine Officer

Meet Mira, the spirited six-year-old Border Collie-Red Heeler mix who’s been a devoted bikepacking companion since the age of six months. Partnered with her dad, John, Mira has pedaled through diverse landscapes of numerous countries, embracing the joy of the outdoors and leaving a smile on the faces she meets.

Mira’s Dogography

In August 2023, Mira made history as the first dog to conquer the challenging Tour Divide race, covering the rugged terrain from Banff, Alberta, to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. Her adventurous spirit and unwavering determination marked a significant milestone in the world of dogpacking.

Mira and John are now embarking on a global cycling adventure, aiming to traverse every continent (excluding Antarctica for Mira). With a mouth full of sticks and an insatiable love for exploration, Mira embodies the spirit of Dogpacking.com. Join us in following Mira’s journey as she continues to inspire and leave pawprints on trails across the world.

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