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Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser

The Gulpy Water Dispenser is a portable, durable, all-in-one option for keeping your dog hydrated on dogpacking excursions. Read our long-term-use review here.


The Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser is a portable all-in-one water-reservoir that flips open to provide a drinking tray for your dog. Squeezing the bottle dispenses water into the long and narrow tray which is shaped for a dog’s tongue.

After many cumulative months of daily dogpacking use while travelling, bikepacking, hiking or trail running, we found the dispenser to be durable (no breaks or leaks) and easy for a dog to drink from. Weigh weenies may wish to remove the stock bottle and just use their own water bottle.

The drawbacks are that it’s bulkier than a collapsible reservoir and bowl and it does not stand erect on its own so you need to hold it while your dog drinks.

Overall, the Gulpy is a great choice for a combination water reservoir-drinking dish for travel and dogpacking adventures.

Product Specs

10 oz; 20 oz
$10; $12 CAD

Pros and Cons

  • Durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Good bowl size which suits small and large dogs
  • Easy to transport with clip and carabiner
  • Can use other 15mm (?) plastic bottles as reservoir
  • Does not stand erect when open; needs to be held
  • Bulkier and heavier than a collapsible water bowl
The 10 oz Gulpy Water Dispenser shown unfolded for use. Note that it is not designed to stand up on its own during use.

Product overview

The Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser is a portable plastic water reservoir with a drinking tray that folds up. Available in two sizes (10 oz; 20 oz) it is suitable for any size dog to drink from. During use, undoes the tray and squeee the bottle to dispense water into the tray.

Testing conditions

We collectively used the 10 oz Gulpys over many months of bikepacking and travel, often subjecting them to daily use. It was secured to our handlebar bags using the built-in clip and additionally secured against bouncing using cord. The stock bottle was sometimes used but commercial water bottles were frequently used in its place. When we wanted to further save weight, the tray was used on its own and filled using our own bicycle water bottle.

River the mini goldendoodle drinking from her 10 oz Gulpy

Our impressions

Having a tray or reservoir/plus-tray at the ready was very convenient. The tray was easy to unfold and our dogs readily drank from it. The long narrow design accommodates a dog’s tongue effectively. The 10 oz size works fine for both our border collie mix and our mini goldendoodle. Throughout their use we did not experience and breakage or leaks. On several occasions I wanted to set it down for my dog to drink from while I did something else, but the design (heavy reservoir and convex tray) doesn’t allow it to stand upright on its own. For that reason we always also carry a collapsible water bottle for use around camp or at rest stops.

Overall the Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser is an excellent choice for someone who wants an all-in-one water-and-bowl for their dog to use during travel or dogpacking adventures.

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