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ChuckIt! Zipflight Dog Disk Review

The flying disk that keeps on flying. We tested the large and small ZipFlight over several months on a bikepacking trip and at home, respectively.


The ChuckIn Zipflight is a soft durable padded flying disk that flies well and floats! The canvas-covered disk has soft rounded edges, making it safe for dogs to catch in their mouth. The bright colours mean you won’t easily lose the disk. Just be mindful that it is not mean as a chew toy and will not last as long if your dog gnaws on it for long periods. While a bit bulky, the soft padding is worth the extra volume. It lays flat for travel and this disk is a favourite of our dogs!

Product Specs

Neon orange with blue; Neon green with blue
Small; Large
$15 (small); $22 (large)

Pros and Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Durable (unless used as chew toy)
  • Soft for dogs to catch
  • Bright colours make it easy to locate
  • Available in two sizes
  • Floats
  • Our dogs love catching it
  • A bit bulky
  • Threading at the seams wears quickly if chewed

Testing conditions

We tested the large size on Mira and the small size on River over several months of bikepacking (Mira) and bikepacking and home use (River). We opted for the bright orange colour since we figured that would be more visible for us humans to locate in grass, shrubs and forests.

Our impressions

The Zipflight was very popular with both dogs. River is more of a ball-lover but this disk is a close second for her. Mira chooses her orange disk over almost any other toy or stick. The disk flies very well, which means fewer episodes of us retrieving it from an inadvertant tree landing. It also floats, making it great in and around water.

We love how soft the disk is and how to edges are padded are rounded, making it safer for the dogs to catch in their mouth. (A quickly rotating disk can cause harm to a dog’s lips or tongue if the material is too hard and/or has sharp edges.) The padding makes it safer and allows it to float, so we are fine paying a slight volume and weight penalty for those features.

The Zipflight has shown to be durable if used for retrieving. River likes to chew on and play tug-of-war with it, so hers has now developed a breakdown of the inner circle seams. I’ll be replacing hers soon and limiting the chewing episodes. Mira hasn’t chewed hers and it is still in excellent condition.

Overall this is a durable, safe, enjoyable flying disk for land and water dogpacking adventures with your pup!

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