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Executive Treat Tester

Meet River, a three-year-old mini Goldendoodle with a nose for adventure and a heart for treats. River is the fluffy connoisseur of all things tasty and the paw-fect dogpacking companion to her mum Krista, for outdoor escapades.


River shares Krista’s passion for outdoor fun, whether it’s running trails, biking through scenic routes, or paddling across serene waters. This mini Goldendoodle isn’t just chasing treats; she’s chasing the thrill of every adventure!

With a wagging tail and a penchant for discovering the most delicious snacks, River embodies the true spirit of Dogpacking.com. As our Executive Treat Tester, she ensures that every journey is sprinkled with a dash of fun and a heap of tasty rewards. Join us as River leads the way, leaving a trail of paw-esome memories and her mum’s puns that are simply “un-fur-gettable”.

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